Friday, January 23, 2009

The Works 1 - May 2008

The first in a series of bi-monthly newsletters to keep you up to date with what is going on around you.

Brick Works 1st Birthday

Twelve months ago the Brick Works opened, hard to believe a year has gone by so quickly! Since opening, the Brick Works has provided a home for over 20 creative people, most of whom have been there since the beginning.It is only right that  

we celebrate this momentous occasion in style.  Please come and join us for a drink or two on Friday 23rd

 May at 8pm at Brick Works [refreshments will be provided!]. All welcome. Then we may even stray into the depths of the Ouseburn Valley if the mood permits…


Award Winning Liam

Architect Liam Newton from the Mushroom Works has just received an award for The Round Theatre on Lime Street. The RICS Renaissance Awards took place on Friday18th April.  The Round Theatre, was awarded a Commendation in the Design and Innovation category, and was also shortlisted in Tourism and Leisure category. The theatre space is ‘in the round’, seating 180, six-metres below ground level.  

Dressing rooms, toilets, bar/foyer, admin offices etc are around and above the theatre space. It sits behind and below the one existing Listed external wall, with a new roof that floats over its parapet.  All other walls are the surrounding buildings, some requiring light to windows, solved by an atrium. The design principles were to just ‘touch’ the existing with all new work distinct, contemporary, of modern, hard, industrial materials. The depth of the hole gives the theatre isolation from noise and light its two main enemies.  It also provides a thermally heavy, stable environment, which is ventilated by assisted stack ventilation, avoiding air conditioning.



Bronwen Deane & Natalie Bell

The exhibition programme for the summer starts with two shows A Few of My Favourite Things by Bronwen Deane and Natalie Bell’s Microbots.

The main gallery will host A Few of My Favourite Things by jewellery designer and maker Bronwen .  This show explores Bronwen’s passion for collecting and how it influences her work.  The exhibition takes you on a journey of nostalgia through objects, books and images, ultimately coming together in a selection of innovative jewellery. This exhibition visually represents Bronwen’s excitement and enthusiasm about collecting.

We also have an exciting new space in which to exhibit.  Natalie is the first to show in the space with her exhibition Microbots, a collection of paintings and sculptures that explore the world of tiny artificial life. 

Natalie’s paintings are inspired by nano science and ‘inner space’; she creates miniature landscapes, as if viewed through a microscope.  Creating cybernetic microenvironments, where the organic and mechanical meet.  By exploring the idea of mutation through repetition Natalie manipulates her own synthetic ecosystems.   The paintings will be accompanied by a selection of mixed media sculptures that develop and realise the imagery of her two dimensional work.


Jim at the Biscuit  Factory

Jim Edward is exhibiting at the Biscuit Factory in June.  The exhibition is a collection of paintings of iconic buildings and bridges in the north east and his more abstract work inspired by man made forms and buildings. The exhibition previews on the 6th June and runs for three months.


 Michael and Eva

Furniture designer Michael Armstrong and painter Eva Bauer are exhibiting together in June at the Mushroom Works.  The show has yet to be given a formal title but it will compliment both practices, with a selection of furniture sitting along side Eva‘s intricate paintings.

The show opens on Friday 6th Jne and will run until Saturday 22nd Jun


What's on?

The Late Shows

Saturday 17th May 2008 sees the return of the Late Shows to Newcastle and Gateshead.  This is the evening culture crawl, which has been going for years across Europe but reached our shores last year.

This year 20 venues from the Newcastle and Gateshead area are opening their doors and putting on spectacular events.

The Mushroom Works is no different.  We are hosting meet the artist through open studios.  The public will be able to enjoy a free glass of wine and a chat with you – their favourite local artist.  Visitors will also get to see some work in progress from Mark at Quay Animation Studios, he will be working on a mural on the fence opposite the Mushroom Works throughout the evening. Please be in your studio from 7 – 11pm – if you can not do this please let us know. 


Glass bead making workshops with Sarah Blood.

Sarah Blood is running a series of 1 day workshops, which will teach you the basic techniques of glass bead making through a combination of demonstrations, and hands on practical experience.  Participants will learn how to use the flame as a tool to melt and shape glass to create their own beautiful beads.

Workshops are taking place at the Mushroom Works on Sat 17th, Wed 21st and Sat 24th May and Sat 28th June.

The workshop costs £80 per person and includes all materials, safety equipment and lunch.  To book