Saturday, August 22, 2009

things we forgot to mention

Our current show Quite the Character is on for one more week.  The exhibition is dedicated to illustration, includes animation and some other treats worth seeing. If you've not come along yet, what have you been doing? This is a very popular show and an intriguing insight into the minds and working methods of illustrators so come on down the gallery is open from 12-5 Wednesday through till Saturday.

The hugely popular storytellers from Seven Stories came along for our story time back in July. A creative imaginative and colorful time was had by all. Great fun! Little Betsy Armstrong (pictured) certainly had a lovely time. (Betsy's mum, Clare is one of the exhibitors.) 

Up and coming events Drink and Draw next Saturday evening ... Get sharpening those pencils! Bring your friends, neighbours and the children this event can be enjoyed by all the family. A selection of all sorts of drinks and drawing equipment will be provided. 

For more information see our Facebook events page.