Thursday, November 5, 2009

A Tall Order for Fiona’s Short

Brick Works’ studio holder Fiona Birkbeck has certainly got a lot her plate this coming month! She has bravely decided to make a ten minute film in the space of a month with no official funding whatsoever! We wish you the bext of luck Fiona – it sounds like a wonderful project. For those of you who haven’t heard all about the film from the lady herself the official synopsis for the film goes a bit like this...

A stunning stretch of golden sand. The beach is deserted except for an odd looking shape half way up the beach. A beached whale? When Jimmy, a nine-year-old boy trips over it whilst flying a kite, he thinks he's discovered a dead body. But then the mysterious man stirs and a battle of wits begins as the boy must try and save him from the tide. Not easy when the man is twice his size and has gone there to die.

This determined little kid doesn't know it yet but he's just stumbled on his greatest hero. Now all Jimmy's got to do is trick him to his feet. That and give this brutish, has-been of a man a reason to live...

An uplifting tale about discovering heroes on the very day we need them most

For those of you who aren’t big football fans, fear not, this film’s not really about football, it’s a about courage, love and hope - all in the space of ten minutes. Fans, friends and fellow studio holders can support Fiona and her team by buying  a ticket for the screening.

To find out more about Fiona’s new venture you can visit the Substitution  website or follow its progress by following Substitution09 on Twitter