Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Big Draw - Set Of Drawers 'Find Your Happy Place'

October is Big Draw month and as part of Design Event 2011, local illustration group Set Of Drawers will be transforming Mushroom Works into a giant canvas! You’re all welcome to come down and help us create a happy, giant, communal doodle!

On Saturday 15th October between 4pm-6pm, children can do something they’re not allowed to at home and scribble all over the walls! They can sit down to admire their handiwork afterwards with cake and squash.

Between 6pm-8pm, it’s the grownups turn to bring out their sharpies. If you’re shy, maybe a free drink will help lubricate the process!

The Big Draw is always fun and Set of Drawers and Mushroom Works are delighted to host this evening - we’re looking forward to seeing the variety of work and your passion for drawing! No booking needed, just come down and join us on the day.