Thursday, February 11, 2016

Spring Salon - On the Horizon

Saturday 19th & Sunday 20th March 2015, 10am – 5pm
Free Entry + Café

On the Horizon by a.musing
Mushroom Works’ Spring Salon exhibition, ‘On the Horizon’ will showcase new work that is inspired by the landscape and structures around us. Whether it’s a particular building, landmark or backdrop, each work asks you to stand ‘on the horizon’ and take a look at the what we all take for granted.

The Spring Salon is a unique open studios event that has the artists and designers around all weekend, so there’s plenty of opportunity to call into their studios, chat about their new work and buying or commission direct from them.

Trinity Square screen print by Bronwen Deane
As ever, we’ll make your stay more comfortable with tempting refreshments and tasty treats courtesy of The French Oven Bakery. So, once you’ve met the artists and designers and found yourself a unique bargain, unwind with a hot drink and something to eat in our little café.