Friday, June 19, 2009

Our latest show... Sustainable Environments

With World Environment day taking place on 5th June, Mushroom Works asks, should creative practitioners consider the environmental, sustainable and ethical concerns of modern day society within their work? 

Good design, within and of our buildings and homes, is an important way forward in addressing the environmental challenges of today. Too much waste, not enough energy, too many people, not enough resources, complaints and worries we all hear. This exhibition investigates how sustainability, climate change and visions of Utopia are considered by artists, architects and designers in the 21st century and gives us ideas as to how innovative design can intervene for the better. 

The show will exhibit the works of UK based practitioners with an emphasis on local talents. Eco Architects, Newton Architects are an award winning environmental practice producing uncompromising good design. They will be exhibiting plans, materials and models of their work with a particular focus on ‘Eco Refurbs’ as well as new builds.  

Fine Artist, Amanda Rabey will also be exhibiting in the show.  Amanda’s paintings take a simultaneously beautiful and beguiling look at man's impact on the environment, at the relationship between macrocosm and microcosm and between the natural and synthetic.